This article only applies to Squared Up Version 2.0. If you're looking for help with Squared Up Version 3.0, please visit our new knowledge base


Squared Up adheres to SCOM Role Based Access Control (RBAC), meaning that any SCOM user can log on to Squared Up and RBAC will be applied. 

The number of users who can log on to Squared Up is restricted by the number of licences (Named Users) you have purchased.

Named User licences are allocated automatically on a 'first come, first served' basis when new users log on to Squared Up and each unique domain\username logon identifier requires its own Named User licence. If, for example, you have purchased 10 licences, the first 10 users to log on will get automatically entered into the users.xml file as Named Users and will consume licences accordingly. 

If no licences are available, new users will be unable to log on to Squared Up, and will receive the error message:

“No user licenses are currently available, contact your administrator”

In order to manage which of your users can access Squared Up, you can also edit the usernames in users.xml to specify which users licences are assigned to (see below for more details).

Please note: as per our End User Licence Agreement, Squared Up is designed to have a static allocation of a Named User Licence to an individual user. The ability to manage Named Users via users.xml is designed to allow you to;
(i) ensure your licences are correctly allocated in the first instance

(ii) re-allocate a licence in the event that it is inappropriately assigned (for example, if a user leaves your organisation)

Manually Adding and Removing Named Users

To add or remove named users, the SquaredUp application pool needs to be stopped. This will end current user sessions and the Squared Up application will be inaccessible while these changes are being made.

1. Stop the SquaredUpv2 application pool.

Open IIS Manager and navigate to Server > Application Pools. Select SquaredUpv2 in the list and click Stop in the task pane.

2. Edit the user store.

Open the following file in a text editor (it would be a good idea to create a copy/backup of the file first):


Add or remove NamedUser elements as required, taking care to ensure each xml tag and ending tag is correct.




The format of the users.xml file should be similar to the following:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<NamedUserData xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">














 3. Start the SquaredUp application pool.

What if I see a "License Warning" message in Squared Up after editing the users.xml file?

Check that the users.xml file is formatted correctly, as shown above, with the correct xml header, and all the required beginning and end tags.  For more information about the cause of the error you can click on the 'License Warning'.  Please contact Squared Up Support if you need any assistance.

See License Warning - Unable to verify your product license. The license server returned the following error: There is an error in XML document

Can the same user access Squared Up from more than one device?

A user can roam across devices, but cannot connect from more than one device simultaneously.  A user can have Squared Up open in several browser tabs on the same device at the same time, but cannot access Squared Up from multiple different browsers at the same time.

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