This article only applies to Squared Up Version 2.0. If you're looking for help with Squared Up Version 3.0, please visit our new knowledge base

Squared Up v3 is now available. If you are currently running Squared Up v1.x we recommend you trial Squared Up v3. Please contact Support if you wish to discuss your options.

If you are upgrading from a preview release, please read this article first

There are two options for upgrading to Squared Up 2.x:
  • Side-by-side (Recommended)
  • Replace

Regardless of which option you choose, all the dashboards and settings in version 1.x will be automatically copied over for use with version 2.x.

You need to be running Squared Up v1.9 in order to upgrade to Squared Up v2.x.  If you are running a version prior to v1.9 please download and upgrade to v1.9 before upgrading to version 2.x

Side-by-side (Recommended)

This installation is the recommended way to try out 2.x before making it available to all users. After installation, version 1.x will remain exactly as it was before, and will be accessible at /SquaredUp/ (e.g. http://localhost/SquaredUp). Whereas version 2.x will be available at /SquaredUpv2/ (e.g. http://localhost/SquaredUpv2)

After you've installed, you're free to test out version 2.x and experiment as much as you want. As soon as you're ready, you can run a simple one-line command to make SquaredUpv2 accessible via /SquaredUp/ (e.g. http://localhost/SquaredUp)

An example of how this approach might be used by an organisation


Performing a replace means that Squared Up 2.x will be immediately available at /SquaredUp (e.g. http://localhost/SquaredUp/). Any URLs pointing to this directory will now point at version 2.x rather than version 1.x.

No files are lost or replaced when performing a replace: Version 1.x will still be available and fully usable, but instead it will reside at /SquaredUpv1 (e.g. http://localhost/SquaredUpv1). And of course, once you've upgraded, you're free to uninstall version 1.x if you're no longer using it.

This is not the recommended approach to trying Squared Up 2.x: There are many changes in 2.x, and it is unlikely that all of your v1.0 dashboards will work exactly as you want straight away. It is strongly recommended that you use a side-by-side installation, and only later replace v1.0 once you are happy with the results. 

OK, I know which upgrade I want to do - how do I make it happen?

Simply download the latest version of the Squared Up 2.x installer, and follow the wizard. Two or three pages in it will ask you for your choice: Side-by-side or Replace. In fact, if you get stuck, it will even link you straight back to this page!