This article only applies to Squared Up Version 2.0. If you're looking for help with Squared Up Version 3.0, please visit our new knowledge base

A walk-through of how a side-by-side installation might be used

The site administrator has a version of Squared Up 1.9 installed on their server, providing a number of application dashboards.

These are available to users on

When installing version 2.x, they select side-by-side. This does the following:

Once 2.x is installed, the site administrator can immediately open 2.x, and verify that it works as expected

  • They can ensure that their existing dashboards display correctly in version 2.x
  • They can experiment with the new features in version 2.x (creating new dashboards, testing out new navigation bar elements etc.)
  • Any configuration issues that do arise can be worked through with Squared Up support

In the meantime:
  • Ordinary users can continue to see application statuses on the original served by 1.9
  • A select few users could be picked to test out version 2.x: For example, perhaps the manager of the IT department might want to verify what SLA dials look like in version 2.x. They can be provided with the URL ( to test out just these features. They may be happy with 2.x - or they may ask for changes. Regardless, they can continue to use 1.9 on its original URL until 2.x gets properly rolled out

After a few days or weeks of trialling version 2.x (for example, after UATs if there are any), the administrator elects to switch everyone over to 2.x, and to deprecate 1.9
  • They do this by running the make live command (probably when most users are offline / they are happy to be logged out automatically)
  • Users continue to access - but now they are taken directly to version 2.x. Where (hopefully) all the dashboards are now performing as expected with no or few issues

At this point, the administrator may even decide to uninstall 1.9, since it is not being used any more. Or, they may switch back to 1.9 for other reasons - and they can again do this with a single command 


Because 2.x is a significant upgrade, side-by-side installation is designed to ease testing and roll-out. You can continue to serve your existing dashboards in 1.x until you're confident that you're happy with the results of the upgrade. At that point you can immediately switch over - without any changes to URLs that users may have bookmarked.

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