This article only applies to Squared Up Version 2.0. If you're looking for help with Squared Up Version 3.0, please visit our new knowledge base


A new draft is created in your user profile. 

Draft new (unpublished) 

The draft is private. Only you (the user who created the draft) can see the dashboard. Use the "My drafts" menu option to find the dashboard.

Publish new The draft is moved to the main dashboard directory. You have the option of adding a navigation bar link, creating a drilldown and changing the dashboard URL.
Published The dashboard is public. Everyone can see the dashboard. Depending on the publishing options, users may access the dashboard via the navigation bar, via a drilldown to a monitored object, via a direct URL or via some other web portal (for example, SharePoint) to which the dashboard has been published.
Edit When you make changes to a published dashboard, a copy is made in your user profile and becomes the draft revision. The original dashboard remains published.
Draft (revision) The draft revision is private. All changes you make to the dashboard are only visible to you. The original published version of the dashboard remains unchanged.
Publish revision


The draft is moved to the main dashboard directory and the original dashboard replaced. Your changes are now visible to everyone. You have the option of adding or moving the navigation bar link, creating or modifying the drilldown and changing the dashboard URL.
Unpublish The dashboard is moved to your User Profile, that is, the original published dashboard is deleted and a draft copy created. All navigation bar links to the dashboard are removed.
Discard revision Deletes the draft copy. You will now see the original published version. This action is not reversible.
Discard new (unpublished) Deletes the draft permanently.