This article only applies to Squared Up Version 2.0. If you're looking for help with Squared Up Version 3.0, please visit our new knowledge base

How to create a new menu item

1.In Squared Up open the the right hand menu and click on 'edit navigation bar'.

2. Select the group of users whose nav bar you want to edit. For example you may wish to edit the nav bar that 'everyone' sees or a particular nav bar such as the 'open access' nav bar.

To create a new nav bar that only members of a particular AD group can see, see How to configure role-based navigation bars.

3. Click the + to create a top level menu called 'new' which you can then rename, for example as SCOM.

You can add more menu items at this point, or you can drag dashboards to appear below this menu item.

Don't add dashboards which contain sensitive information to the Open Access navigation bar. A user viewing any dashboard which is on the Open Access dashboard will be able to link to another dashboard on this navigation bar.

How to add dashboards to this new menu as a submenu

1. To make dashboards or menu items appear hierarchically below this menu item, drag the grey square a little to the right:

The minus - allows you to contract and the plus to expand the menu.  You can create submenus by dragging an item further to the right. You can only add further items to the menu when it is expanded.

2.  Click 'apply'.

To publish a dashboard to this menu

First open the dashboard you want to make available. 

1. Click 'edit' then 'publish' .

2. Then click on 'navigation bar', and tick 'add link to navigation bar'.

3. If you want the new menu to only be available to members of an AD group, select the group name from the users drop down list. 

4. You should see the menu item you have just created. Now drag the grey box next to this dashboard name to the right, a little below the menu item, and it will become an item on this menu, as shown below:

5. Click 'publish'.

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