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When creating a performance section 'No Available Data' is shown because there is no data for this combination of Scope and Metric.  This can occur if you have changed the scope after configuring the metric. This procedure will help you identify the correct Metric for a particular Scope.


There are several ways to check the metric.

1. Clear the existing metric and use the down arrow button on the keyboard to view all the metrics available for the scope you have chosen.

2. Browse Squared Up to identify the metric Object, Counter and Instance names, see below.

3. Drag the graph you want from the 'View Performance' page into your Performance plugin section.

How to browse Squared Up and identify the metric object, counter and instance names

Use Squared Up to browse to the metric then use this information in the Performance Section.  This will ensure that there are objects to return, and help you find the CounterName you need for the Advanced scope of the Performance section.

1. Click the + to add a new section to your dashboard, or click 'duplicate' to create a copy of your Performance section.

2. Choose a type of Status.

3. Configure your Scope as required, and check that objects are returned.

4. Right click on one of the objects and open it in an new tab.

5. Drill down to what you are interested in, for example, click on a performance graph.

6. The title of the graph will tell you the object, instance and counter, as shown below.

7.  Return to your Performance section in the Dashboard designer and enter the object and counter into the Metric 'Advanced' section:

You can also add the instance if you require.

8. IMPORTANT: Configure the timeframe.  If the metric is not shown extend the timeframe.

Dragging a Performance Graph onto a dashboard

Instead of configuring a Performance section you can drag a performance graph onto a dashboard as shown here:

For more information see How to drag and drop when editing a dashboard

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