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Squared Up licences available

a) Trial/Evaluation licence

When trialling Squared Up, the Evaluation licence gives you unlimited logons to a fully featured product (these are not recorded or restricted by the users.xml file). 

This means that any SCOM user can logon to Squared Up, see Who can log on to Squared Up? 

While you are trialling Squared Up you can also use the same licence key in order to set up a secondary server or servers.

How can I find out the expiration date of my trial licence? Browse to http://<your-squared-up-server/SquaredUpv2/activation and you will see your licence key and expiration date. 

b) Production / Named User licence

The number of users who can logon to Squared Up is restricted by the number of licences (Named Users) you have purchased from Squared Up. For full, interactive access to Squared Up a user must have a Named User licence assigned to them and there is a 1:1 relationship between an individual user and their Named User licence. For example, if you have purchased 10 Named User licences, the first 10 users to log on to Squared Up will get entered into the users.xml file as named users and your licences will be assigned to them.  

If you need to reassign a Named User licence – for example, if one of your users leaves your organisation, you can also edit the usernames in users.xml accordingly. See Who can log on to Squared Up? and Managing Named Users (Licensing)

c) Secondary Server licence

For resilience, you may wish to install Squared Up on more than one web server, in a load balanced / failover configuration. 

In a multi-server deployment, one Squared Up web server must act as a primary server, with all other servers designated as 'secondary' servers. 

Multiple secondary servers can be activated using the same secondary licence key. If you do not already have a secondary licence key, you can request from provided that you have purchased a minimum of 10 Users.

If you are trialling Squared Up, you can also use your trial licence key to set up a secondary server. 

See Licensing Multi-server Deployments

d) Test & Dev licence

This provides a single user licence for Squared Up in a test / lab environment and is only to be used for testing and development. (Included with the Enterprise Starter Pack and above). Please note: The Test & Dev licence does not support Open Access dashboards. If you want to test this functionality in the short-term, please request a normal trial licence from our website and apply that licence to your Test environment.

Open Access

Open Access enables easy sharing of static dashboards throughout your organization. Open Access dashboards are non-interactive, do not require authentication and do not consume user licenses. When users view an Open Access dashboard they see an image of the dashboard that updates every minute. Open Access dashboards are non-interactive, which means that users can't click on anything to drill down or get more information. The benefit of Open Access is that there is no need to set up an additional Squared Up instance (as there was with an anonymous access server which was superseded by Open Access), users are not prompted to login, it does not consume user licenses and it is highly scalable. You can choose to create an Open Access navigation bar or just give access to the randomised URL.  For more information see Open Access Dashboards

Open Access dashboards are only available with the Enterprise Starter Pack and above (or a trial licence).


Will my licence cover multiple SCOM Management Groups?

No, Squared Up is licensed separately per Management Group.

Will my licence allow me to use the Visio plugin and Open Access dashboards?

The trial licence is fully featured, so does allow you to use the Visio plugin and Open Access dashboards. Outside the trial period the Visio plugin and Open Access dashboards are only available with the Enterprise Starter Pack and above.

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