This article only applies to Squared Up Version 2.0. If you're looking for help with Squared Up Version 3.0, please visit our new knowledge base

We often get asked whether a user can drilldown from a high-level dashboard to progressively more detailed dashboards. Examples of this are a global map with drilldowns to regional maps, or an executive-level dashboard with drilldowns to application-specific dashboards.

The answer is: yes, this is possible!

How it works

For example, when a user clicks on a 'CRM' application object on a high-level dashboard, they will be take to your custom dashboard for the CRM application instead of the default Distributed Application view.

The dashboard redirects apply to all places where a user can drilldown into that object (e.g. from a dashboard, server view or alert view). This enables you to naturally link together all of your custom dashboards, and with very little effort.


Here are the instructions for setup:

1. Create the new custom dashboard that you want to drilldown to, for example, the dashboard you want to drilldown to when clicking on your CRM application (see The Dashboard Designer - The Quick Start Guide).

2. Click Publish. Or if you already have the dashboard you need, click Edit and then Publish.

3. Click on the Drilldown bar to expand it:

4. Type the name of the object and select it from the list under 'make this the drilldown view for a monitored object'. In this example, type CRM.

5. Click Publish.

6. Browse Squared Up to check that clicking on your object does open the drilldown dashboard you have just configured. For example, on the Overview page under Services click on CRM to check it goes to your new custom dashboard instead of the default Distributed Application view.

Once configured you can browse around Squared Up as normal, except that the custom dashboards replace the default object views.


If you are taken to the wrong dashboard, or you might have accidentally set up a 'Drilldown'

1. On the drilldown dashboard, click Edit, then Publish.

2. On the grey box 'Drilldown', and you should see an ID., which shows that this dashboard has been set to be the drilldown link the object with this Id.

3. To stop this page being the drilldown and revert to the standard page, delete the ID, and click Publish.

If you can't delete the ID to remove the drilldown

1. Make a note of the URL of this drilldown page, and you can then edit this page directly to remove the ID.

2. In C:\inetpub\wwwroot\SquaredUpv2\Configuration\Views locate the xml file with the name you noted down, and edit it.

3. Find the <Match> section which will look similar to this:



      <Filters />






4. You need to edit this and put it back to:



      <Filters />

      <Objects />



Test to see if your object no longer links through to that drilldown page.