This article only applies to Squared Up Version 2.0. If you're looking for help with Squared Up Version 3.0, please visit our new knowledge base

Where graphs in Squared Up show very small figures they will use m or µ where appropriate.

1 micro (µ) % = 0.000001 %

1 milli (m) % = 0.001 %

The graph below uses µ, mu on the y-axis:

The graph is showing some very small percentages.

The 4.1E figure for latest has unfortunately been truncated and should say 4.1E-5 with the E meaning exponential (EXP on a calculator). E notation a type of scientific notation in which the phrase “times 10 to the power of” is replaced by the letter E; for example, 4.1x10-5 or "4.1x10 to the power of -5" is written 4.1E-5 which is actually 0.000041

max 4.83 should say 4.83E-5 = 0.0000483

avg 3.8E should say 3.8E-5 = 0.000038

min 3.17 should say 3.17E-5 = 0.0000317

The y-axis uses µ, mu (micro) to show the very small percentages. 40.0µ is actually 0.000040 or "4x10 to the power of -5" or 4E-5, which as you can see matches the max/latest figures.