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How to export captured network traffic using IE11

1. In IE11 press F12 or go to the Tools menu and select “F12 Developer Tools”

2. Select the Network tab.

3. Press the green play button “Enable network traffic capturing F5” on the left to start capturing.

4. Refresh the page by pressing F5 on your keyboard, and the network traffic should be displayed.

If the issue is across multiple pages, there is a button “Clear entries on navigate” (6th from the left) which, when unchecked, will preserve the trace across pages.

5. Once the trace is complete, i.e. the problem has been reproduced with the trace running, press the “Export captured traffic” (second from left) and save the network trace as an xml file, that can be emailed to for investigation.

How to Export a Summary using IE11 

Alternatively for a summarised trace (which is not as detailed), all the rows can be selected and then copied into a text file.

1. Complete the steps above, but instead of exporting the captured traffic as described in step 5, right click and click Select All, then right click and click Copy.

2. Open notepad and paste in the data, save this as <something>.txt. This can then be imported into Excel.

3. Open Excel, select File, then Open, and select Text Files, and navigate to the saved text file.

4. This will launch the import wizard. 
  • On the first page select Delimited, start import at row: 1, File origin: MS-DOS (PC-8)
  • On the second page tick the Tab option and select Text Qualifier: "
  • On the last page click the General option and select Finish

Your display should look like this.

5. Finally Save the Excel file, the File tab, change the format to xlsx.



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