This article only applies to Squared Up Version 2.0. If you're looking for help with Squared Up Version 3.0, please visit our new knowledge base

Page Scope and the ability to Clone your dashboards are relatively new features to Squared Up introduced in v2.2. 

Page Scope allows you to scope all sections of a custom dashboard at an overall page level, significantly speeding up the process of creating custom dashboards. This feature also dovetails beautifully with the ability to Clone dashboards, which means you can then simply change the Page Scope for that new dashboard and, within seconds, have a brand new custom dashboard.

An additional benefit of Page Scope is that it can give you the ability to put an entire Group of servers into maintenance mode from right within your dashboard.

This video shows just how quickly and easily you can build your own dashboards using Squared Up:

Once page scope is set, any new dashboard sections will automatically inherit the page scope. This is shown with a new "use page scope" option for dashboard sections.

Dashboard sections don't have to inherit the page scope; you can still choose to explicitly scope individual sections.

If you set the page scope when dashboard sections already exist, they will not automatically use the page scope; you will need to edit these sections and configure them to use the page scope.

If the page scope is a single object, or a group, Squared Up will use this object to show additional information in the page:

  • the health state icon will be shown next to the dashboard title
  • the SCOM class of the object (which is the group name in the case of a group) is shown as a subtitle under the dashboard title
  • the "maintenance mode" button appears in the menu (you will need to exit edit mode to see this button).

Set page scope

Configure the page scope, as you would do normally for a dashboard section. For more information about setting the scope such as list, group, advanced and criteria see How to set the Scope using the Dashboard Designer

Use page scope

Once the page scope is set, each new section created on the dashboard defaults to 'use page scope', which means those sections will use the same scope.  Authors can set individual section scopes to be different to the page scope if required.

Copying page scope from an existing section

When configuring a dashboard section, you can choose to copy the section's scope to the page scope. To do this click the "make page scope" button at the bottom of the scope panel. This feature simplifies your workflow and allows you get started with a dashboard by creating a new section and simply setting the page scope as you do so.

Configure new

If no page scope has been specified click 'configure new' to configure the page scope now.

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