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Using the Performance plugin you see the message 'No matching metrics' when trying to select a performance metric, or you see 'No metric configured' instead of a graph.



1. Have you set the scope?

The scope must be set before the list of metrics available can be shown. Check the scope selected - not all objects have performance metrics available. Try changing the scope to 'list' one server, or 'group' a small group of servers.

2. Are you using Scope 'list' or 'group'?

Check that you haven't accidentally put a group in the scope 'list'. When using the Performance plugin a group must be put in the scope 'group' not 'list'.

3. Are you using a group which contains sub-groups? Have you specified a Class as well as your Group in Scope - Advanced?

In Squared Up v2.2 onwards the performance and KPI plugins support 'recursive' level searches for objects, so it will look at multiple-levels of membership rather than just one level, i.e. it will show objects that aren't directly contained in a group, but are contained within other objects in the group. This means you can now use top-level groups to show graph data for objects within sub-groups, by specifying a group AND a class in the Advanced Scope.  Using a group that contains sub-groups (without a class) won't show any performance or KPI data and will show the message 'No matching metrics' in the metrics section. See How to set the Scope using the Dashboard Designer

Squared Up v2.1 or below does not support recursive searching, so your group must contain objects rather than just subgroups.

For example for a dashboard using a group which contains subgroups you could use the class 'Windows Server':

4. If you've set a Class AND Group in Scope - Advanced, is the Class appropriate for the Group?

If the class is not appropriate for the group you will see 'no matching metrics'.

"failed to load available metrics. Ensure the data warehouse is correctly configured."

If you see the message "failed to load available metrics. Ensure the data warehouse is correctly configured" when trying to set a performance metric you should check the data warehouse connection. See Troubleshooting the Data Warehouse connection

No available data

You may see the message 'No Available Data' if you change the scoped group after setting the metric, or if your group contains only subgroups and you have not specified or have removed the 'class'. See No available data

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