This article only applies to Squared Up Version 2.0. If you're looking for help with Squared Up Version 3.0, please visit our new knowledge base

Download Squared Up v2.3 here

Streamlined Setup Experience

We have always prided ourselves on making Squared Up simple to get installed and up-and-running but we’re don’t like to rest on our laurels and so have invested a lot of additional effort in making that process even more straightforward.

  • A new set-up wizard, including one-click Data Warehouse configuration.
  • One-click to enable publishing Open Access dashboards
  • A welcome page that introduces new users to Community Dashboards and useful ‘getting started’ resources.

For more information see Getting Started - Installing Squared Up

Open Access Dashboards

With Squared Up v2.3 we've completely reworked our concept of read-only dashboards, introducing Open Access. When publishing a dashboard simply tick ‘enable open access’ and both SCOM and non-SCOM users can have access to a static non-interactive image of the dashboard which updates every minute.

The benefit of Open Access is that there is no need to set up an additional Squared Up instance, users are not prompted to login, it does not consume user licenses and it is highly scalable.

You can choose to create an Open Access navigation bar or just give access to the randomised URL.


For more information see Open Access Dashboards

Revamped Performance Plugin

The updated Performance plugin now includes coloured graphs, based on a colour palette selected for data clarity and aesthetic appeal, which is then combined with a specially designed random colour generator to enable the graphs to scale to show many objects.

  • With multiple performance sections on a single dashboard, you’ll see that the colour selection is matched across the sections.
  • On a densely populated graph, the lines will automatically display very thinly, or thicker when you only have a few lines.
  • You now have the option to add a key to your performance graphs, which is particularly useful when publishing Open Access dashboards.
  • Sparkline and Bar Charts default to single colour, but you now have the option to make these multicolour as well.

For more information see How to configure a Performance section using the Dashboard Designer

Revamped Alerts plugin

In response to customer feedback, we've significantly revamped our Alerts plugin for v2.3.

  • Ability to select and update multiple alerts at the same time.
  • Option to select multiple filters (i.e. show error and warning but not info)
  • Ability to fully customise the columns shown, including adding and rearranging columns.
  • Option of assigning alerts to yourself, a typical workflow highlighted to us by a number of customers.

For more information see How to configure Alerts using the Dashboard Designer

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