This article only applies to Squared Up Version 2.0. If you're looking for help with Squared Up Version 3.0, please visit our new knowledge base

Squared Up uses the Application Pool Identity account to retrieve data, not the account with which you log on to Squared Up. By default, the application pool identity is set to NetworkService, but you may have changed this (see Checking and modifying the application pool identity).

How to configure the data warehouse permissions manually

1. Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and connect to the SQL server hosting the SCOM data warehouse. You will need to connect as a user who has the SQL sysadmin server role.

2. Check the application pool identity see Checking and modifying the application pool identity, make a note of the application pool identity account.

3. Identify the account you need to create by reviewing these options:

(A) If the application pool identity is running as a custom account (i.e. not Network Service) then create a login with the same username as your application pool identity account.

(B) If the application pool is set to NETWORK SERVICE and Squared Up is installed on the same server as the data warehouse (or database you are accessing) then add the relevant role for the NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE account.

(C) If the application pool is set to NETWORK SERVICE and Squared Up is NOT installed on the same server as the data warehouse (or database you are accessing) then add the relevant role for the server's active directory computer account. This will be the name of the server with a $ on the end, for example, mydomain\squaredupserver$

4. In SQL Server Management Studio browse to Security > Logins

5. Right-click and select New Login...

6. In the text box asking for Login name enter the username you identified in step 3, i.e. either Network Service, or squaredupserver$, or your custom username.

Do not use the 'Search' option in SQL Server Management Studio: Usernames entered in this format (DOMAIN\machine$) will not succeed if you perform 'Check name'. Manually type the name directly into the 'Name' field, making sure to respect any capitalisation in the domain name.

7. Click OK. 

8. Right-click on the newly created login (Security > Logins) and select Properties.

9. Click on 'User Mapping' on the left-hand side under 'Select a page'.

10. Tick the data warehouse database under 'Users mapped to this login' (for example, OperationsManagerDW).

11. Tick 'OpsMgrReader' under 'Database role membership' at the bottom of the screen, as shown below:

12. Click OK.

This has now configured your data warehouse connection string.

How to check the data warehouse permissions

1. In SQL Server Management Studio browse to Databases OperationsManagerDW > Security Users

Your SCOM data warehouse may have been given a name other than OperationsManagerDW.

2.  Identify the account used for your login (see step 3 above) and ensure that a corresponding user account has been created. The user account MUST be the same as the login account created. For instance, if your login account is created with learningzone\lz-squp$ then your user account must also be learningzone\lz-squp$. An example of this is indicated in the image below.

If a corresponding user account has not been created please repeat the steps 1-12 laid out in 'How to configure the data warehouse permissions manually'.

3.  Right-click on the account, for example, mydomain\squaredupserver$, and select Properties:

4. In the Database role membership section, check that 'OpsMgrReader', 'apm_datareader' and 'db_datareader' are ticked.

5. Click OK.

How to remove data Warehouse Permissions

After uninstalling Squared Up uncheck the OpsMgrReader database role.

Alternatively, if the login is only used by Squared Up you can delete this login from the SQL server.

If you still experience problems please contact and send the zipped up log files from C:\inetpub\wwwroot\SquaredUpv2\Log\

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