This article only applies to Squared Up Version 2.0. If you're looking for help with Squared Up Version 3.0, please visit our new knowledge base

You can make a particular dashboard available for Open Access from the 'publish settings' on that dashboard.

1. Click 'publish' to publish a dashboard for the first time or 'edit' and then 'settings' for a previously published dashboard.

2. Click onto the 'Open Access' bar and tick 'enable open access'.

3. You can now choose whether to add this Open Access dashboard to the Open Access navigation bar or not. When a link is not added to the navigation bar the dashboard can only be accessed if the URL is known. If you want this dashboard to be available on the Open Access navigation bar tick 'add link to Open Access navigation bar' and then position the item on the Open Access menu by dragging it up and down, or over to the right to put make it an item on a sub menu.

It's worth noting that the Open Access navigation bar is shared across all users, and a user that is viewing an Open Access dashboard will be able to open any other Open Access dashboards on the navigation bar.

You can also edit the Open Access navigation bar through the 'Edit navigation bar' option on the right hand menu see How edit the navigation bar to create menus and submenus

4. Click the 'open access' button to view the Open Access dashboard.  The image of the dashboard is created and the dashboard is given a new URL which you can then distribute, use in Sharepoint etc.

When accessing an Open Access dashboard the page will contain some interactive components such as the navigation bar, but the content of the dashboard is static. The content is rendered at the server side and returned to the browser as an image (PNG).

  • The content is rendered to the width of the browser window and cached for 1 minute.
  • Requests for the same Open Access dashboard during that time will return the same image.
  • When the browser window is resized, a new render is requested.
  • Because the content is just an image, is not possible to drill down or otherwise interact with it.
  • Open Access dashboards refresh every minute, like normal dashboards, but can be given a different the refresh rate. see below.

The URL of the Open Access dashboard will use a random ID which remains fixed.  This is so users can't 'guess' the URL of a dashboard in order to access it. 

Link Sharing

The 'link sharing' button allows you to generate an Open Access link ready to share with users.  A dashboard must be published before you can share the link.

For more information see Link Sharing

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