This article only applies to Squared Up Version 2.0. If you're looking for help with Squared Up Version 3.0, please visit our new knowledge base

The 'link sharing' button allows you to generate an Open Access link ready to share with users.  A dashboard must be published before you can share the link.

If a user finds that the Open Access option above is greyed out, it means they do not have permissions to publish Open Access dashboards.  To give the user permissions see How to give users permissions to create, edit and publish dashboards (dashboard designer permissions)

Access mode

If you select Open Access and click 'generate', the Open Access URL for this dashboard will be shown which you can copy to clipboard read to send out to users or use in SharePoint for example. If Open Access has not already been enabled it will be automatically enabled at this point.  With 'normal' selected, a normal URL will be generated for this dashboard, where users will be required to log in to view the dashboard.

View options

Embed - ?embed=true is appended to the URL to hide the navigation bar and page title.  Useful when embedding a 'tear off' view in SharePoint or the iframe plugin.

For example:


Full-screen - ?fullscreen=true is appended to the URL  to hide the navigation bar. Useful for displaying dashboards on wall monitors.

For example:


Normal - nothing appended to the URL, so the navigation bar is shown.  Useful if you want users to be able to navigate to other Open Access dashboards.


To hide the section title:

Append ?sectiontitles=false to the URL:


To hide both the section title, navigation bar and page title:

Append ?sectiontitles=false&embed=true to the URL:


To add a last updated timestamp to a dashboard:

Append ?timestamp="true" to the URL:


For more URL options see URL Parameters

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