This article only applies to Squared Up Version 2.0. If you're looking for help with Squared Up Version 3.0, please visit our new knowledge base

Squared Up adheres to the role-based access control (RBAC) within SCOM. A SCOM user accessing Squared Up will automatically be restricted to only what their SCOM permissions / RBAC allows them to see. This is true for everything within Squared Up, whether that's dashboards, performance reporting, individual objects and so on.

For example, if an engineer accesses a dashboard that contains items that his RBAC do not permit him to access, then those will not be visible to him within Squared Up. These users will each consume one of the Named User licences that you have purchased.

    • Administrators can edit, create and delete dashboards in Squared Up, can see the 'more' menu, can edit and delete alerts, and run tasks such as maintenance mode.  
    • Authors can edit Company Knowledge.
    • Operators can edit and delete alerts and run tasks.
    • Read Only Operators can drilldown on dashboards, but cannot edit/delete alerts or run tasks.

This TechNet article lists the SCOM roles and permissions:

To see which users have which SCOM user role, and to add users to a SCOM user role see How to check and edit SCOM User Roles

Editing Company Knowledge

You may want your Squared Up users (SCOM Operators or Advanced Operators) to be able to edit Company Knowledge without having to give them the full SCOM Authors role and, if so, please see How to allow SCOM Operators to edit Company Knowledge

Who can author Squared Up dashboards?

From a Squared Up licensing perspective, any user with a Named User licence has the ability to create / edit dashboards.

However, by default, only SCOM administrators are given permissions to manage dashboards in Squared Up.

If you do wish to extend this capability to non-administrators, dashboard designer permissions can be easily extended to other users.  See How to give users permissions to create, edit and publish dashboards (dashboard designer permissions)

Why do some users not have the 'more' menu button on the navigation bar?

Only SCOM Admins get the 'more' button on the navigation bar. Users with other SCOM roles can be given permissions to create dashboards, and this gives them the + plus button on the navigation bar, but not the more button. See also How to move a dashboard from the 'more' menu

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