This article only applies to Squared Up Version 2.0. If you're looking for help with Squared Up Version 3.0, please visit our new knowledge base

Most plugins are installed with the Squared Up product installation, but you may need to install an additional plugin, for example the Web Content (iframe), SQL or Server KPI plugins which are not installed by default.

Certain plugins will only work with newer versions of Squared Up. We recommend you install the latest version of Squared Up.

1. If you need a plugin, please contact Squared Up Support who will email it to you.  For example, Web Content (iframe)Server KPI plugin, or the SQL plugin.

2. Extract the ZIP file.

3. Copy the plugin folder, such as ServerKpi2.6, to the Squared Up plugin directory on the Squared Up web server: 


The plugin folder, such as ServerKpi2.6, must sit directly beneath the plugins folder with no extra sub-folders:

4. Finally run update.bat to register the new plugin. This needs administrator permissions and the Squared Up application will restart:


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