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1. How to drag a performance graph onto a dashboard
2. How to resize a performance graph 
3. How to enable Health State Highlighting for performance graphs
4. How to configure the Web Content (Iframe) Plugin
5. How to add ticket hyperlinking to an Alert
6. How to configure email notifications
7. How to configure role-based navigation bars
8. How to add hyperlinks to Visio diagrams
9. How to allow SCOM Operators to edit Company Knowledge
10. Custom Labelling

Well, we do have to keep some secrets, right?

This tip is so super hidden that it’s only for those who consider themselves pretty expert in Squared Up.

So, if you’re interested in configuring custom labelling in the Status Plugin then drop us an email at to let us know that you’re ready to unleash the power of custom labelling.

And last of all…

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