This article only applies to Squared Up Version 2.0. If you're looking for help with Squared Up Version 3.0, please visit our new knowledge base

The following settings are parameters you can use with your Squared Up dashboard URL to adjust how it is displayed, for example when using the IFrame plugin.

To remove the navigation bar and page title

?embed=true is appended to the URL

name="embed" value="true"

Description: To hide the navigation bar and page title. This dashboard is fully interactive and each section can still be edited. Useful when embedding in SharePoint or the iframe plugin.

Example: http://<squaredupserver>/SquaredUp/grid/index/squploadbalanced?embed=true

To remove the navigation bar

?fullscreen=true is appended to the URL

name="fullscreen" value="true"

Description: To hide the navigation bar. This maintains the page title and edit buttons. Useful for displaying dashboards on wall monitors.

Example: http://<squaredupserver>/SquaredUp/grid/index/squploadbalanced?fullscreen=true

To hide the section titles

?sectiontitles=false is appended to the URL

name="sectiontitles" value="false"

Description: This removes the section titles from the dashboard.

Example: http://<squaredupserver>/SquaredUp/grid/index/squploadbalanced?sectiontitles=false

To remove both the section titles, navigation bar and page title

?sectiontitles=false&embed=true is appended to the URL

Description: This removes the section titles, navigation bar and page title from the dashboard.

Example: http://<squaredupserver>/SquaredUp/grid/index/squploadbalanced?sectiontitles=false&embed=true

To remove the edit buttons

?statusbar=true is appended to the URL

name="statusbar" value="false"

Description: Removes the edit buttons and link button.

Example: http://<squaredupserver>/SquaredUp/grid/index/squploadbalanced?statusbar=false

To hide the dashboard page title

?pagetitle=false is appended to the URL

name="pagetitle" value="false"

Description: This removes the dashboard page title from the page.

Example: http://<squaredupserver>/SquaredUp/grid/index/squploadbalanced?pagetitle=false

To hide the navigation bar

?navbar=false is appended to the URL

name="navbar" value="false"

Description:- The removes the navigation bar from the dashboard.

Example:- http://<squaredupserver>/SquaredUp/grid/index/squploadbalanced?navbar=false

To make navigation bar links open in a new tab

?newtablinks=true is appended to the URL

name="newtablinks" value="true"

Description: When this is enabled all navigation bar links open in a new tab.

Example: http://<squaredupserver>/SquaredUp/grid/index/squploadbalanced?newtablinks=false

To add the last updated time to the dashboard

?timestamp=true is appended to the URL

name="timestamp" value="true"

Description: Provides the last updated time stamp in the top left of the dashboard.

Example: http://<squaredupserver>/SquaredUp/grid/index/squploadbalanced?timestamp=true

To hide the loading spinner

?hidespinner=true is appended to the URL

name="hidespinner" value="true"

Description: This removes the loading spinner, when updating the dashboard.

Example: http://<squaredupserver>/SquaredUp/grid/index/squploadbalanced?hidespinner=true

To show an Open Access view, but with interactivity

?oarender=true is appended to the URL

name="oarender" value="true"

Description: This renders the dashboard to look like an Open Access view, however, this still has the interactivity of a normal dashboard.  This is the same view that Open Access snapshots/screenshots are take from.

Example: http://<squaredupserver>/SquaredUp/grid/index/squploadbalanced?oarender=true

To refresh the dashboard every few seconds

?pagerefresh=5 is appended to the URL

name="pagerefresh" value="5"

Description: This refreshes the dashboard every 5 seconds (or however many seconds you specify), like pressing F5.

Example: http://<squaredupserver>/SquaredUp/grid/index/squploadbalanced?pagerefresh=5

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