This article only applies to Squared Up Version 2.0. If you're looking for help with Squared Up Version 3.0, please visit our new knowledge base


Squared Up connects to a management server in the Operations Manager management group. It uses this connection to perform all of its operations.


During installation the setup application asks you to enter the name of a management server to connect to. This can be modified using IIS Manager as follows.


Important: modifying the configuration causes the web application to restart and all users will be logged off.


On the Windows Server where Squared Up is installed:

  • Open: Start > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
  • Expand <server-name> > Sites > Default Web Site.
  • Select 'SquaredUp'.
  • Open 'Application Settings' in the main panel.
  • Open the 'scom-server-address' setting to edit the value.


If you are currently running v1 and v2 along side each other you will need to repeat these steps for the SquaredUpv2 site.

Squared Up will automatically restart and will connect to the new address when the next user logs on.

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