This article only applies to Squared Up Version 2.0. If you're looking for help with Squared Up Version 3.0, please visit our new knowledge base


This step is required if you would like to be able to navigate directly from an alert in the Operations Manager console to the Squared Up web page for that alert.

Performing this action creates a new Operations Manager console task called View in Squared Up Operations (alert). The task appears in the Actions pane under the Alert Tasks section whenever an alert is selected in the content pane.


Important: The SCOM 2012 SDK does not currently support the creation of these tasks, however it can be set up manually using these instructions .

Log on to Squared Up as an Operations Manager administrator and navigate to the Settings page using the link in the page header.

If the console integration is not yet configured, the appropriate panel on the Settings page will be expanded ready for your input. If the page shows a green tick saying Operations Manager console integration is configured then see the section on Reverting and re-applying changes below.

In the URL for Squared Up Operations box, enter the base URL for your Squared Up website. This will be used by the task to open the Squared Up alert page in the user's browser. If you are load balancing Squared Up or are providing external access you will need to enter the appropriate address. Also, ensure that the address includes http:// or https:// as appropriate.

Click configure to make the changes. The changes will take a few seconds to complete.


Performing this action will make the following changes to your management group.
  • A new, unsealed, management pack is created called Squared Up Operations SCOM Integration
  • A console task is created in this management pack. The task targets alerts and is called View in Squared Up Operations (alert)


Reverting or re-applying the changes

The management pack that is created by Squared Up can be easily removed using the Operations Manager console and navigating to Administration > Management Packs. Once removed, the Settings page can be used to recreate the console task if needed.