This article only applies to Squared Up Version 2.0. If you're looking for help with Squared Up Version 3.0, please visit our new knowledge base


Performing this action will create new SMTP notification channels in Operations Manager. The emails sent using these channels:

  • are formatted more clearly than the default Operations Manager emails
  • contain a link to view the alert in Squared Up
  • contain a link to view and modify the notification that sent the alert in Squared Up
  • can optionally be sent using HTML format, making them even easier to read and faster to interpret
  • can optionally be sent with high importance (marked as important in your email application)

For more information about configuring email notifications in SCOM you should read Kevin Holmans blog OpsMgr 2012: Configure notifications


1. Log on to Squared Up as a SCOM admin and on the right-hand menu click on 'settings'.

If the email notifications are not yet configured, the appropriate panel on the Settings page will be expanded ready for your input. If the page shows a green tick saying 'Email notifications are configured' then see the section on 'Reverting and re-applying changes' below.

2. In the 'URL for Squared Up' box, enter the base URL for your Squared Up website. This will be used by the links to the alert page and notification page in the email (see above). If you are load balancing Squared Up or are providing external access you will need to enter the appropriate address. Also, ensure that the address includes http:// or https:// as appropriate.

3. From the 'Use SMTP connection settings from' dropdown, select the existing SMTP channel that the new channels should inherit the SMTP connection settings from. The new channels will use the same SMTP server address, authentication, return email address and retry interval.

4. Click 'configure' to make the changes. The changes will take a few seconds to complete. All changes can be viewed and easily reverted using the Operations Manager console - see below.


Performing this action will make the following changes to your management group. The changes can be viewed using the SCOM console in Administration > Notifications > Channels.

Four new notification channels are created. Their names are:

  • Squared Up Notifications - HTML - High importance
  • Squared Up Notifications - HTML - Normal importance
  • Squared Up Notifications - Plain text - High importance
  • Squared Up Notifications - Plain text - Normal importance

The original SMTP channel and the new SMTP channels share the same SMTP connections settings (they are not copied - they reference the same underlying SCOM configuration object). Because they all share the same underlying connection settings, any future changes made to the connections settings in the original SMTP channel will automatically be used by the Squared Up notification channels, and vice versa.

Reverting or re-applying the changes

The SMTP channels that are created by Squared Up can be easily removed. Once removed, the 'settings' page can be used to recreate the SMTP channels if needed.

To remove the SMTP channels:
  • Open the SCOM console and navigate to Administration > Notifications > Channels
  • Select and delete each channel

In order to remove a channel all subscriptions and subscribers that reference the channel must be removed first. The subscriptions and subscribers created by Squared Up have names that start with 'Personal subscription for' and 'Personal subscriber for' respectively.

When deleting the channels, the SCOM console will show a popup saying 'The notification endpoint is currently not deleted. It would be deleted when no other notification channel uses it'. This is a warning that deleting the channel did not delete the shared SMTP connection settings (the 'notification endpoint') as it is still referenced by the other SMTP channels (see the 'Details' section above for further information).

Despite the warning, the channel is still deleted and this message can be safely ignored. You may need to refresh the SCOM console view to see that the channel has been deleted.

To create more HTML Channels

To enable HTML emails for a new channel you'll need to run the following PowerShell, replacing 'My SMTP Channel' with the name of the channel you wish to enable HTML emails for:

Get-SCOMNotificationChannel -DisplayName "My SMTP Channel" | foreach { $_.Action.IsBodyHtml = $true; $_.Action.Update() }

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